Mike, what can I say, meeting you has changed my life. After the last 15 years of being grossly overweight, no confidence, no life if I’m honest, just one meeting and I felt better than I have for years,
I am smiling more and no longer have the weight of the world on my shoulders.

It’s been 4 weeks now since I saw you and have lost 8 pounds to date.

Your constant support is amazing and for the first time I am looking towards the future with a smile.

Thanks so much Mike.

Dionne, Sheffield

Before I came to see you I was feeling really low in my confidence and self esteem. I felt unable to socialise like the rest of my friends and family due to my poor eating habits and the anxiety towards eating new foods.

I found that my health had begun to suffer as a result of my diet.

I came to see you and had two sessions and immediately felt different, more confident and able to try new foods and I have.

I have tried new foods every day and I am becoming used to new tastes and textures and I am now planning different meals which is wonderful.

You have helped me begin and helped make it possible that I can live a really happy and fulfilled life which I never thought could be possible.

I will be forever grateful, thank you.

Sam, Mansfield

Hi Mike

I have lost 9lbs since I saw you last October, message received 14th November. It has motivated me to exercise a bit and move into a size 18. A few more pounds and I will be down another dress size. I am planning a big clear out of my wardrobe at the weekend as a lot of my clothes are now too big.

F, Derby

Hi, doing really well. At Christmas I was in size 30 jeans. Today I bought 24s and they not only fit well but I can sit down easily in them. Anybody want to buy hardly worn jeans in sizes 30,28,26 as I will not be needing them ever again!

Gail, Sheffield

I saw an article about the Hypno-Band in the local newspaper. After reading about it further on the internet, I contacted Mike and made arrangements to visit him.

I now realise the importance of eating healthily and also the importance of daily exercise, something I hadn’t given much though to for most of my adult life.

I have lost 3 stone and 6lbs in 16 weeks and feel wonderful.

Thanks Mike for helping me believe in myself again and for helping me achieve in a few weeks something that I have tried, unsuccessfully, to do for the last 30 years.

Hilary, Alfreton

After meeting Mike I decided to have the hypno gastric band for myself.

When I started I weighed 13 stone 7 lbs. I now weigh 11 stone 4 lbs. I eat healthily and think twice about what I’m going to have,
I have will power; I still enjoy a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate.

Now I’m in total control of my weight, I am going to lose another stone and then review how I look. At the moment I am so pleased I cannot wait to get on the scales at my doctor’s surgery at my next appointment, as I feel much better and look better and younger.

If you really want to lose weight I cannot recommend this highly enough. N0 pills, no surgery, just your mind sorting it out for you. The greedy little person in my head is now gone and been replaced with a calmer, more balanced person.

Thank you so much Mike.

Eileen, Rotheram

“I admit that when Mike told me about OldPain2Go I was very sceptical.

Having suffered constant pain in my neck and upper back area over the last year, which required medication, Mike persuaded me to let him try this therapy. It didn’t take long and I was quite comfortable with the process, Mike’s approach being very professional.

I followed the instructions Mike gave and at the end of the session, I was completely amazed that the pain had gone. What’s more now a few days later I’m still enjoying the pain free freedom of movement and the medication is still in the cupboard! Long may it stay there!

Many thanks Mike and if you’re in pain give this a go. Even if you’re really sceptical give it a go – nothing ventured, nothing gained – and if you end up pain free then it’s well worth it.”

PD Matlock, Pain.

“I went to see Mike today with back pain that I’ve had for nearly 10 years , and hip pain from bursitis . I walked out pain free . Totally recommended seeing Mike 100% .”

Lindsey also has Fibromyalgia which we dealt with before eliminating her pain.

Lindsey Parkinson, Matlock. - Matlock

So today I had a long-anticipated appointment with the most amazing man Mike Walton.
You all know how long I have been in chronic pain with arthritis and peripheral neuropathy.
7 years, that’s how long.
I have been treated by doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, pain specialists alongside physio, steroid injections, acupuncture, surgery and pharmaceutical drugs, many many drugs to no avail.
Today, after a 30-minute appointment with Mike I have no pain.
Yes, I can’t believe it either, I have been walking around today expecting the pain to flare up and it hasn’t. It feels so strange not having any pain in my feet after all these years!!
Mike is the loveliest man you could meet and if you are suffering from any chronic pain you MUST get in contact with him!!
If the treatment doesn’t work he doesn’t charge you.
What have you got to lose when so much can be gained??

Mike Walton you have given me my life back and I will remember today as long as I live.
You, Sir, are absobloodylutely amazing and I can never thank you enough xxxxx

Mollie Evans, Matlock, Derbyshire.

Mollie, Matlock, Pain.

I first met Mike at a social event, when after chatting, he gave me a business card.

After a few months of deliberation, I wanted to try hypnosis to quit smoking so I called.

Initially, I was a bit dubious about only needing one session, (having been a smoker for almost 20 years) but I trusted his expertise and decided to book.

Mike sent me an email straight away with an article which he thought I should read before the session.

The only thing Mike asked, was that 24 hrs beforehand, I didn’t smoke which showed MY commitment to stopping.

This was something I wanted to do, even though I was jittery and a little uneasy for those 24 hrs.

So, D Day arrived and I went to see Mike, when I arrived, he made me feel at ease and relaxed.

My session began…

Mike was confident in me being able to quit, which also spurred me on.
Never having hypnosis before, I was unsure of what to expect.

A few questions and reasons made things pretty clear. So now in a relaxed state, Mike’s dulcet tones took me on my journey.

After approx 1 hour and half..I was a non smoker, and I still am!

Mike gave me support notes to read and a CD to listen to which he asked me to listen to each day to reaffirm all of those reasons to quit the ghastly cigarettes.

I have also had Mike’s support since where he’s called to see how I was getting on.

I can’t recommend Mike enough to those who want to quit!

Thank you so much Mike!!

Sarah F Chesterfield.

Sarah F, Chesterfield, Stop Smoking.

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