Public Speaking

A fear of public speaking is considered the number one fear among societies population. It is also considered to be a social anxiety disorder where individuals suffer from performance anxiety. The medical term referring to the fear of public speaking is called “glossophobia.”

If you don’t know why you have a fear of public speaking, hypnotherapy can help. Once you are in a deeply relaxed state, I can talk to your unconscious and help to uncover the situation or event that triggered your discomfort about public speaking and presentations. Much of the time, the event is seemingly insignificant, but over time it grows in your mind to become something you believe you can no longer control.

Once the root cause is revealed, I use suggestive language and visulisation to change the route of your thoughts. The aim here is to promote positive thinking and a sense of calm when faced with public speaking, instead of the previous flood of negativity, stress and anxiety.

In addition to Hypnosis I have trained people to give presentations and speak in public for more than twelve years. I am acutely aware of the stress and anxiety which surrounds some people, indeed I have known some people by physically sick, by the stress of public speaking.

I am an accomplished public speaker and therefore offer coaching and mentoring to help relieve the stress and anxiety often associated with public speaking for my clients.

If you have a key note presentation coming up and you are worried, anxious, stressed or nervous, contact me for help.

You will feel better, sound awesome and look fabulous. You know it makes sense.