The biggest part in the game of golf is about your mental ability.

For example: when you hit a bad shot you already knew this was going to happen during your pre shot routine.

You were unable to access the right feeling, unable to hear the right sound or were unable to say those things to yourself to be absolutely confident about your shot!

I have developed a method to improve your mental game of golf.

This is the way to assist your mental process and help you achieve the results you want!

Golf in Mind.

Walk up to the ball, this can be on the tee, on the fairway, in the bunker or on the green, wherever the ball is, it is important to be in the “golf state” when you do so.

Step 1: Golf State

Happiness, sadness, fear, anger and confidence are examples of different mental states you maybe experiencing.

For example: when your tee shot was not as you wanted, it’s highly possible that you become angry at yourself and still feel that anger when hitting your second shot.

Guess what happens..?

It is easy to say that mental states are only triggered by external influences. The fact is we create them ourselves internally.

So put yourself at cause. You are in charge of your mental state, you are able to find the perfect golf state and be in that state during every shot you make, on the driving range as well out on the course.

1. Notice what is going on, and stop everything

2. It is only about golf, right now

3. Get physiologically comfortable for golf

4. Control your breathing

5. Withdraw your attention momentarily (go inside)

6. Concentrate on one point

7. Contemplate, expanded awareness

8. Become one with the course

Step 2: Dissociation

Before you hit your shot, stand behind the ball and see yourself. In your imagination hit the perfect shot: see your perfect swing, hear the impact on the sweet spot.

Imagine the exact flight of the ball, see were it lands and where it stops.

1. Take information in; how do you adapt to the weather conditions and distance; what hazards to delete or distort from the picture you have of the hole/shot you are about to play

2. Visualize how you watch yourself hitting a perfect shot, dissociated from now;

3. Select your club based on 1and 2

Step 3: Association

Walk up to your ball and be in the position you saw yourself in during your perfect shot.

Associate yourself with that perfect shot. Feel and hear your perfect swing.

See, hear and feel your perfect impact. See and hear the ball fly away in the exact direction you want it to go, see its flight and where it stops. See it all happening from your own eyes.

1. Firing of circle of excellence grip, anchor on the golf club

2. Align the golf ball by visualisation to your target

3. Step into the perfect swing picture, integrate learning from visualisation

4. Make practise swing according to convincer strategy a maximum of 3 times

Step 4: Utilisation

You make sure you feel 100 % convinced about your shot and only focus on what you want to happen!

Let your perfect swing come to you, then swing.

1. Trigger and run your strategy to win and believe your convincer strategy

2. Trigger and run your motivation strategy to play the shot, feel the positive Kinaesthetic

3. Let your energy go through the ball through the target whilst you are running your strategy to play the shot

Step 5: Feedback sandwich.

Finish your swing perfectly. Keep standing in your final position a and give yourself feedback on the shot.

Always give yourself feedback in a way that is positive! What went
Well? What can I do better next time in an overall positive statement.

1. Your end position is in the golf state in balance.

2. What went well, two or more things to do better next time?

3. Always us positive self talk

4. Run reassurance strategy for good golf

The Golf in Mind process will help you to hit every shot with 100% confidence, no matter where the ball might be, and make sure you will learn from every shot.

Now I can help you by using NLP and Hypnosis. I play golf and associate with everything I have written. To maximise Golf in Mind contact me to understand how by improving your mind you will improve your golf…………….feeling better already?